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 +{{lmn:​lmn.gif |Laboratorio di Nanotecnlogie Molecolari }}
 +We study complex molecular systems on the nanoscale. Our research is both fundamental and oriented towards technological applications,​ including instrumentation development.
 +We prepare complex molecular architectures by Langmuir-Blodgett and Self-Assembly techniques, and we characterize them by several structural and dynamical experimental methods. The applications are focussed on: food science, molecular electronics,​ biotechnological and biomedical applications.
 +On the fundamental side, we are interested in the dynamics of nanostructured disordered systems, with particular reference to glasses and the glass transition in restricted dimensionality.
 +====== People ======
 +[[lmn:​cristofolini|{{lmn:​luigi.cristofolini.png|prof. Luigi Cristofolini}}]] ​ [[http://​​home/​giacomo.baldi|{{lmn:​giacomo.baldi.jpg?​150|dr. Giacomo Baldi}}]] [[lmn:​orsi|{{lmn:​davide.orsi.jpg?​150|dr. Davide Orsi}}]] [[lmn:​rimoldi|{{lmn:​tiziano.rimoldi.jpg|dr. Tiziano Rimoldi}}]] ​
 +====== Thesis opportunities ======
 +We make available the following thesis opportunities for graduate students (Laurea Magistrale) in physics and material science (text in Italian)
 +**{{:​lmn:​offerta_tesi_2016_schiuma.pdf|Properties of foams, emulsions and single molecular layers}}
 +**(INFO: L. Cristofolini & D. Orsi)
 +**{{:​lmn:​offerte_tesi_2016_sonvico.pdf|Nanodrugs for inhalation}}
 +**(INFO: A. Deriu, & L. Cristofolini,​ DiFeST, F. Sonvico – Dip. Farmacia)
 +**{{:​lmn:​offerta_tesi_2016_slpdt.pdf|Nanostructures for Self-Lighted Photodynamic therapy}}
 +**(INFO: D. Orsi & L. Cristofolini DiFeST / F. Rossi & G. Salviati, IMEM)
 +====== Selected publications ======
 +**{{http://​​articles/​srep17930|2D dynamical arrest transition in a mixed nanoparticle-phospholipid layer studied in real and momentum spaces}}** Scientific Reports(2015)
 +**{{http://​​articles/​srep07606|Porphyrin conjugated SiC/SiOx nanowires for X-ray-excited photodynamic therapy}}** Scientific Reports (2015)
 +**{{http://​​ncomms/​2014/​140519/​ncomms4939/​full/​ncomms4939.html|Revealing the fast atomic motion of network glasses}}** Nature Communications (2014)
 +**{{ lmn:​papers:​108_10.png?​180| Relaxation time measured by XPCS}}**
 +** {{ lmn:​papers:​colsua.jpg?​240| Percolation of a 2d network of GNPs}} **
 +** {{http://​​10.1016/​j.cocis.2014.03.006|Synchrotron x-ray techniques for the investigation of structures and dynamics in interfacial systems. }}** Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science (2014)
 +** {{lmn:​papers:​prl_2012.pdf|Heterogeneous dynamics of a 2D gel of gold nanoparticles }} ** Physical Review Letters (2012)
 +====== Available Instrumentation======
 +  * [[lmn:​trough|Langmuir troughs]] for ellipsometry,​ interfacial rheology, in-situ microscopy and deposition
 +    * [[lmn:​elli|Ellipsometer]]
 +    * [[lmn:​isr|Interfacial Shear Rheometer]]
 +    * [[lmn:​epifluo|Epifluorescence Inverted Microscope]]
 +  * [[lmn:​sem|SEM]] with [[lmn:​microanalisi|Microanalysis]]
 +  * [[lmn:​afm|AFM]]
 +  * [[lmn:​spectro|Spectrofluorimeter]]
 +  * [[lmn:​raman|Raman Triple monochromator spectrometer]]
 +  * [[lmn:​dls|Dynamic Light Scattering]]
 +  * [[lmn:​xpcs|We have regular access to XPCS @ ID10 - ESRF European Synchrotron Radiation Facility]]
 +  ​
 +* [[lmn:​priv:​|Documenti privati]]
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