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Zero-field 59Co NMR spectrum of LSMO/Alq3/AlOx/Co spin valve

T = 2 K, attenuation 30 dB

Magnetic inhomogeneities in LSMO/Alq3/AlOx/Co spin valve

NMR fingerprint

Sample SV60 - 10 nm AlOx

Contour plot of NMR intensity S(ω,Hrf) vs Frequency (MHz) and attenuation in dB (~ RF field) where

<math>S(\omega,H_{rf})=K \eta sin[\Theta (\eta H_{rf} \tau)]{\omega}^2 N(\omega) {\gamma}_{n} I(I+1)/T</math>

Such curves image directly the structural inhomogeneities, along the frequency axis, and the magnetic stiffness, along the RF filed axis. Considering that each frequency range is associated with a specific structure or region in a composite sample, the S(ω,Hrf) curves show the structural parameters governing, at atomic scale, the magnetic stiffness of the layers or parts of the layers and the coupling strength between layers.

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