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The scanning electron microscopy technique is versatile and non-destructive, it reveals the morphology and the composition of a lot of materials. The ZEISS SUPRA™ 40 is a SEM-FEG capable of high quality semples imaging. Perfect for investigateing nanosystems, it offers high stability and a large (130 mm) versatile specimen holder. Meanwhile, the GEMINI FESEM column utilised on the SUPRA™ 40 has an extremely low magnetic field outside the objective lens enabling investigation of magnetic materials and devices. A field-emission cathode in the electron gun provides improved spatial resolution and minimized sample charging/damage.


Nominal resolution: 1.5 nm at 10 KV and WD= 2mm

Acceleration voltage: 0.1 - 30 KV

Probe current: 4 pA-10 nA

Magnification: 12 - 900,000X

Working distance: it ranges from 1 to 50 mm, depending on the operating conditions

The sample holder can host nine stubs. Each stub can contain samples of about 1 cm2.

The SEM-FEG is equipped with X-Act microanalysis.


You can find detailed description in SUPRA™ 40 Brochure

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