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Here all the details on how I installed the Einstein Toolkit on our local machine using the portland compilers.

Step 1: Get the code

As first step a select a location where save the source tree and the simfactory simulation data. I decided to use a common root tree on a disk. In my case: "/storageQ01/EinsteinToolkit/" and to download the code from here. I will and having a subdirectory named "Cactus" for the code a subdirectory named "simulation" for simfactory simulations. A this point the three standard command and an alias defining "sim" (simfactory) did the jobs.

curl -O 
chmod a+x GetComponents
./GetComponents --parallel
alias sim='/storageQ01/EinsteinToolkit/Cactus/simfactory/bin/sim'

Step 2: Set up simfactory

An easy start:

[roberto.depietri@einstein Cactus]$ sim setup
Unknown machine name
Here we will define some necessary Simulation Factory defaults.
Determining local machine name:
Creating machine from generic: machine [/storageQ01/EinsteinToolkit/Cactus/simfactory/mdb/machines/] created successfully
enter value for key user [roberto.depietri]: 
enter value for key email [roberto.depietri]:
enter value for key allocation []: NoAllocation
enter value for key sourcebasedir (the parent directory containing the Cactus sourcetree) [/storageQ01/EinsteinToolkit]: 
enter value for key basedir (the location of simfactory simulations) [/home/einstein/roberto.depietri/simulations]: /storageQ01/EinsteinToolkit/simulations
would you like to enter key/value pairs for a specific machine? [Y/N*]: N
user            = roberto.depietri
email           =
allocation      = NoAllocation
sourcebasedir   = /storageQ01/EinsteinToolkit
basedir         = /storageQ01/EinsteinToolkit/simulations
------------------END SUMMARY------------------:
Save contents [Y*/N]: 
Contents successfully written to /storageQ01/EinsteinToolkit/Cactus/simfactory/etc/defs.local.ini
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