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The timing here reported refer to the Hybrid-Montecarlo simulation of the Pure Gauge SU(3) Theory using the publicly available USQCD collaboration "chroma" library (

the timed simulation are for 2000 sweep on a lattice of size 32x32x32x4 using hybrid montecarlo evolution of pure QCD (Nc=3)

The compilation are for single thread MPI parallelization performed using the locally available gcc compiler suite (C + C++).


Risultati per 2000 sweep

np=8 np=16 or 8x2 np=32 or 8x4 np=64 or 8x8 np=128 or 16x8
32x8x16x4 32x8x8x4 16x8x8x4 8x8x8x4 8x4x8x4
TRAMPONTANA (Ranked, numa affinity)
287m3.403s 139m38.904s 59m49.733s 27m07.990s 15m33.604s
288m24.186s 139m46.376s 62m00.292s 36m23.984s 14m09.471s
296m51.746s 145m38.455s 92m10.079s 27m14.708s 14m17.429s
294m05.444s 145m31.735s 62m24.532s 36m44.900s 14m18.770s
291m19.685s 145m41.345s 63m52.677s 36m40.832s 14m21.294s
TRAMPONTANA with libibverbs: Warning: RLIMIT_MEMLOCK is 32768 bytes
294m54.886s 165m3.882s 114m53.571s 101m26.855s
POWER7 (mpich)
71m59.878s 37m15.414s 25m8.963s 26m2.298s 23m5.529s
77m25.259s 39m17.776s 37m48.186s 21m15.108s
POWER7 (openmpi)
76m32.410s 44m59.000s 24m18.405s 22m59.816s (too slow …
77m25.259s 39m17.776s 37m48.186s 21m15.108s … to report)
76m32.410s 38m20.923s 33m17.527s 30m49.802s » 100m
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