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Laboratorio di Nanotecnlogie Molecolari We study complex molecular systems on the nanoscale. Our research is both fundamental and oriented towards technological applications, including instrumentation development. We prepare complex molecular architectures by Langmuir-Blodgett and Self-Assembly techniques, and we characterize them by several structural and dynamical experimental methods. The applications are focussed on: food science, molecular electronics, biotechnological and biomedical applications. On the fundamental side, we are interested in the dynamics of nanostructured disordered systems, with particular reference to glasses and the glass transition in restricted dimensionality.


Thesis opportunities

We make available the following thesis opportunities for graduate students (Laurea Magistrale) in physics and material science (text in Italian)

Properties of foams, emulsions and single molecular layers (INFO: L. Cristofolini & D. Orsi)

Nanostructures for Self-Lighted Photodynamic therapy (INFO: D. Orsi & L. Cristofolini)

Selected publications

Available Instrumentation

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